What Makes the Best Hair Straightener

If the appearance of your long hair is a priority, then you should consider owning a hair straightener. A good hair straightener can serve you for a long time and that means, a long period of nice-looking hair. However, you must note that hair straighteners are made differently and offer varying experiences. Choosing the right hair straightener can be a bit challenging if you do not know what to look into, but here is an elaborate guide on how to do it.

Select the right shape. It might sound absurd because most people know that hair straighteners are of same shape yet they are not. Some designs of hair straighteners are flat in overall while others have a slightly rounded edges. The rounded edges result in smooth operation while the straight ones might be a bit cumbersome to work with. Do check out whichtobuy.co.uk for info on hair straightening products.

How wide is the plate? Wide plate hair straighteners are more efficient and effective. However, this might not apply in all cases because a wide plate means a big size hair straightener which might not fit in your bag if you intend to carry it. If you want a portable one, consider having a slightly narrow plate. If you have soft and fine hair, the wide blade might provide excess heat that might damage the hair. Choose the right size plate which suits your hair and personal needs.

Know which plates are best. Hair straighteners have different metal plates. Each type of metal has unique properties that make it suitable for particular hair types. If you are well-versed with the materials, it becomes simple to know which one suits you. For example, the one made of titanium irons conduct heat quickly and offers uniform distribution but they are quite costly. Ceramic irons are less costly compared to Titanium and they work well for most types of hair, but with time, the ceramic part wears out exposing iron which does not distribute uniformly. For those with badly damaged hair, Tourmaline plates are the best as they give out lots of negative ions which reduce frizz and seal hair shaft. If you are interested, do check it out.

How much heat should it produce? You know well that hair straightens using heat but when it is in excess, it can damage the hair. It is advisable to purchase a hair straightener with an adjustable heat setting so that you style your hair at the most appropriate heat level.

Price also plays an integral part in determine the best hair straightener. Do not rush to purchase cheap hair straighteners because they might be of poor quality. Look for the best quality hair straightener at an affordable rate. Here’s when the hair straightener was invented: https://www.reference.com/article/year-hair-straightener-invented-ab459c7d6fd0a027?aq=hair+straightener&qo=cdpArticles

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